1. Create ID & Password
2. Download Install Files
3. Download the install files
4. Install midas Civil - step (1/3)
5. Install midas Civil - step (2/3)
6. Install midas Civil - step (3/3)
7. Install VectorDraw (1/2)
8. Install VectorDraw (2/2)
9. Apply a patch (only when it is available)
10. a) Authenticate midas Civil (Web License Type)
10. b) Authenticate midas Civil (Hardware Dongle License Type)
11. Start the Program
12. Installation Troubleshooting


1. Go to [ http://en.midasuser.com ]

2. Click New Account and Create ID / Password.

     (If you are a MUSS user already, you do not need to create new ID/Password.)

3. Go to the following Download

4. Click Commercial Version

5. Log in using your Muss ID & Password

1. [Save] or [Save As] the installation files.

2. [Open folder]


3. Find the installation zip file downloaded.

4. [Extract] the zip file.

5. Double click "setup.exe" to start the installation

1. Click [Next]

2. Click [Yes]

1. Enter User Name and Company Name.

2. Click [Next]

3. Click [Next]

1. Select the feature you want to install. It's recommended to select the ones that are selected automatically.

2. Click [Next] and follow the next step.

3. Click [Next]

1. Select the program folder.

2. Click [Next] and follow the next step.

3. Select [I Agree]

4. Then, [Next]

1. Select download folder.

2. Click [Next] and follow the next step.

1. Copy every file and folder in the downloaded patch zip file.

2. Go to where midas Civil is installed, most likely at C: Drive > Program Files > MIDAS folder > midas Civil

     folder (this may not be the same for the users' computer)

3. Paste all the copied files and folders.


1. Click [Register Protection Key] icon.


2. In the pop-up window, select "Web Authentication"


3. Enter User ID / Password. (If you do not have go to #6 to create a new account)


4. Enter Protection key ID : (16 characters)*


5. Click [Select Product]


6. Select [Create a New Account] if you do not have ID/Password for #3.

    The direct link is: http://northamerica.midasuser.com/web/account-create.php  


7. Select the correct PID*


8. Click [Update]


9. Click [Select All] to make sure every Options are checked on or desired module options.


10. Click [OK]


11. Click [OK]


1. Click [Register Protection Key] icon.

2. In the pop-up window, select "Hardware Lock"

3. Enter the Key Number (aka Product Key ID: PKID) - (16 characters)*

4. Select the proper Key Type: [Stand-alone] or [Network]

5. For the [Network] type, select the proper [Protocol] type and enter the [Server Name or IP Address]

    if necessary. For more details about the Network license set up, please ask your IT Department.

1. Click midas Civil icon at the top left corner

2. Select [New Program]


1. AMD graphic cards Control Panel Device Manager Display Adaptors

    midas Civil works best with NVIDIA graphic cards. If your computer is using AMD graphic cards, please download  these      

    patches in numerical order.

     - AMD Patch Case 1

     - AMD Patch Case 2
     - AMD Patch Case 3

2. After downloading the first patch file, unzip it and run

3. As soon as you run the file, it will bring up WindowDos command window, please follow through.

4. Try them in numerical orders and contact us if you experience further problem with our software.