Analysis Type
Linear Static Analysis
  1. Prestressed Girder Analysis with 3D Tendon
  1. Steel Girder Bridge Analysis
  1. Anchorage Block Analysis
  1. Detailed Cable Connection Analysis
Thermal Analysis
  1. Nodal/Element Temperature change analysis
  1. System Temperature change analysis
Concrete Nonlinear Analysis
  1. Total Strain Crack Model
  1. Nonlinear Interface Material Models
  • Discrete Crack, Dilatancy Crack, Bond Slip, Coulomb friction
  • Combined Cracking‐Shearing‐Crushing
  1. Plasticity Models ( von Mises, Tresca, Mohr‐Coulomb & Drucker‐Prager)
Special Analysis
  1. Buckling Analysis
  • Obtain results for Global buckling and local buckling
  1. Heat of Hydration Analysis for mass concrete
  • Analysis - Heat Transfer Analysis based on construction stages
  • Convection, Heat Source, Pipe cooling, etc.
Seismic Analysis
  1. Equivalent Static Seismic Analysis
  1. Response Spectrum Analysis
  1. Eigenvalue Analysis
  1. Time History Analysis
Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis
  1. Aerodynamic Coefficients
  1. Section Motion
Construction Stage Analysis
  1. Temporary Support Analysis
  1. Time dependent concrete behavior
Steel Nonlinear Module
  1. Geometrical Nonlinear Analysis
  1. Plasticity Models (von Mises & Tresca) Hardening behaviours: isotropic
Fatigue Analysis Module
  1. Goodman & Gerber criteria
  1. Rainflow Counting & Mean Stress Correction
  1. Life Cycle and Damage Results
Static Contact Analysis
  1. Interface between steel and concrete
  1. Contact Analysis for Steel Reinforced Section
  1. Contact Analysis for Prestressed concrete
Soil Structure Interaction
  1. Soil Structure Interaction
  1. Define Soil Springs with built in formulae using soil properties
  1. Obtain Effect of Non Stiff Foundation on Analysis
Element Library
  1. Line Type: Truss/Beam/Tension Only/Compression Only
  1. Plane Type: Flat Shells/Plane Stress/Plane Strain/Axisymmetry
  1. Solid Type: Tetrahedron/Wedge/Hexahedron
  1. Embedded Reinforcement Element
  1. Linear Interface Element (Elastic & Rigid links)- Plane Stress Element
Meshing Techniques
  1. Auto Meshing
  1. Map Meshing
  1. hex-dominant meshing
  1. Check Meshing Feature
Type of Supports
Restrain in Translation in X Y Z RX RY and RZ
Elastic Links
  1. General
  1. Compression/Tension only
  1. Gap
  1. Hook
Point Spring Supports
  1. General
  1. Compression/Tension only
Matrix Spring
Beam End Release
  1. Fx, Fy, Fz
  1. M Mx, My, Mz
Rigid Link
  1. DX, DY, DZ, RX, RY, RZ