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Structural Member Design – Concrete and Steel

midas Design+ can be used to design the structural frame members such as beam, columns and shear walls. The steel as well as the reinforced concrete members can be designed. The reinforcement required can be automatically obtained and checked and the optimized design can be done. After the design, the program generates the AutoCAD drawings. The CAD Drawings can be send to the site engineer. The drawings are comprehensive and dynamically related to design.



[Shear Wall]

Peripheral Design

Engineers are required to perform the design of non structural peripheral members such as slabs staircases, which requires detailed calculation of the design forces for different types of slabs and staircases. With Design+, the design process of these members is simplified by simple parameter definition. After the design is performed, the design drawings are automatically prepared.

[Shear Wall]

[Staircase Design]

Footing Design

Footing Design at separate columns require mechanical repetition of obtaining the design forces and detailing the reinforcement for each column footing by changing simple variables. The design of footings at various locations can be done easily. The drawings with detailing of reinforcement can also be obtained.

Steel Connection Design

Steel connection system are needed to be detailed and check at every connection which includes monotonous checking of the forces at every location and designing the connection. Midas Design+ allows the definition of different connection systems at the same platform thus allowing the easy design of the connection systems.

[Steel Base Plate Design]

[Steel Bolt Connection Design]

Steel Web Opening Design

Steel web openings are important components and are required to be designed as a part of the detailed design of buildings. It requires careful estimation of stress flow across the opening depending on the size of the web and the opening. Midas Design+ automatically does the design of opening for you and checks the stability of the opening.

Composite Beam Design

Buildings in which the steel girder acts composite with the slab, need to be designed considering the composite action between the steel girder and the concrete slab. Midas Design+ is equipped to do it in a simple manner by defining the simple design parameters. It considers the parameters like vibration and location of the girder for the design check. The shear studs can also be defined and analyzed.