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No. 1 Market Share in Civil Engineering Software Solutions. Tens of thousands of Civil and Mechanical engineers around the world have implemented MIDAS Software in their work processes in undertaking high profile projects and everyday projects.

The key focus of MIDAS includes civil/structural/mechanical engineering software development along with analysis & design support. The MIDAS Programmes have been commercially used since 1996. Our reliability has been approved through applications on countless projects worldwide. MIDAS consists of over 250 structural software developers and professional engineers with significant experience. One of our key strengths is our ability to provide responsive and reliable technical support for our clients. In addition to engineering software development, the company also provides engineering consulting services. These services include Automatic Design Solution Development, Value Engineering, Safety Engineering, Design Consulting, special purpose S/W Development and Structural Design of major and specialty structures.

Core Values of MIDAS

At MIDAS, we are committed to conducting our business based on our core values, which defines our identity and becomes a measure of high standards of corporate undertaking. MIDAS pursues an ultimate goal of enhancing the capabilities of engineers through spreading our technology and knowledge.


A key to achieving high quality of life is a work environment that is conducive to professional and personal growth. MIDAS recognises this ideal work environment must be achieved through trust and mutual respect. MIDAS provides all staff members with opportunities for professional and personal development aligned with the values of the company.
It is the engineer’s conscience and honour to use his skill and ingenuity to bring about a better life for the community. Strong will and devotion are the most valuable traits that embrace success. By pursuing the best technology, employees at MIDAS will fulfill their dreams and have a true sense of accomplishment as engineers.
MIDAS takes a proactive stance in our community by participating in charities and volunteering activities for the community. We believe that we should always give back to our society. Our belief will further inspire us to attain our own happiness and wisdom. We believe in unity and harmony with everyone. We promote being role models and upstanding citizens.

Our Vision

Beyond our dreams – Localisation of the domestic technology / MIDAS’s technology for the international standard MIDAS’s computer graphic-based Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software is renowned by professional engineers worldwide. We are dedicated to developing our core technology into a world class leader in CAE software development, engineering consulting, and web business solution.


MIDAS Vision   The World’s Best Engineering Solution Provider and Service Partner
MIDAS Mission   MIDAS Business – World class CAE software solution developer and provider Engineering Business – Global engineering service & consulting group
MIDAS Technology   Computer graphics-based CAE S/W solution development Engineering structure analysis & structural optimisation application